The Working Husband vs The Stay at Home Mom/Wife

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recently there has been a disagreement in our home about our roles in our family. Husband's position is that his work (in the form of homework and studying) is really never over. My position (and many other SAHM's) are that our work is never really over. Given that classes and homework are subject to the husband's discretion, children demand immediate attention sometimes to the point that other things around the house go astray. Just because the baby is asleep now doesn't dismiss the struggle it was to get to that point. It IS hard work. Now add in cleaning, cooking, laundry, bill-pay, etc is it hard to comprehend that SOMETHING or some things may not get attended to as soon as the husband may think it should. Sorry for the rant but the typical working man does not take the job of a stay at home mom very seriously. Those that do - hold on to them TIGHT! {: )

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