Freebie Friday = Great Freebies and Deals!

by - Friday, March 12, 2010

I got a late start blogging today but here's a list of some great Freebie Friday posts:

These lists are the best freebies of the week and you're bound to find some great stuff. As you're checking them out a few may have expired already due to popularity but don't get discouraged, there's always more freebies out there. 

Also check out Victoria's Secret online today. They are offering free shipping today plus you will recieve a free gift card worth a minimum value of $10! Reportedly these can have a value of up to $500! They have flip-flops for around $6 and several beauty supplies on sale for less than $10. There's nothing like free shipping AND a free gift card for buying yourself a little treat. Use coupon codes: SHIPFREE and REWARD10. Have a great day!

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