Easter Accessories

by - Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday in the mail I received my daughters Easter accessories from The Children's Place -  a white sun hat, white Mary Jane shoes, and white ruffled socks (to match her pink dress and white cardigan.)

My favorite part about this purchase would have to be that I paid $4.72 for all of it including shipping. I managed this using the rewards I received through Swag Bucks. The shoes were $10.50, the socks $2.50, and the sun hat $4.74 (normally $6.50) - then tax and $5.00 shipping. I used 4 $5 Amazon e-gift cards and paid the remainder. 

If you're not using Swag Bucks, you really are missing out. Swag Bucks awards "Bucks" (like points) through your internet searches (using them as your search engine instead of Google, Yahoo, etc.) These are normally 10-30 Swag Bucks and are awarded randomly. Then Swag Bucks offers Swag Codes that add Swag Bucks to your account as well. They also have special offers that you can complete for bucks with no purchase some necessary. You can redeem your bucks for prizes and gift cards in the Swag Store. I personally love the $5 Amazon e-gift cards because they're 450 bucks each and you can buy almost anything on Amazon cheaper than in stores! I have earned 8 of these gift cards in the past two months using all these ways listed. Check out  Swag Bucks here and feel free to comment if you have any questions.

P.S. - Mega Swag Bucks Friday starts tonight at 12 midnight where you can earn larger bucks for searches if you get lucky! Also, tomorrow is Freebie Friday in the land of freebie bloggers where the best freebies of the week are listed. I'm going to try to get a list together of some sites for you to check out but in the meantime try searching the sites tomorrow to get some Swag Bucks going! =)

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