Mailbox Monday (A few weeks worth)

by - Monday, September 06, 2010

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Hello everyone! Here is a list of the freebies I've gotten in the past few weeks. The first photo are items that I received a my new apartment and the second is the stuff from the old one that my MIL brought to me today. These are items that I got 100% free (even including shipping!)

4x6 prints from Snapfish (20), 8x10 collage from Snapfish, Dora Potty seat from Pampers GTG, Huggies Potty Training DVD, Nature Made Vitamin Gummies, Febreeze to Go with Gain Scent
Fitness, Woman's Day, Cosomo, Parenting and Vogue magazines (free subscriptions), v8 fusion drink from Facebook, Biore sample, Home Made Simple coupon book, Chapter from Dr. Oz's Book
I hope you'll come back for Freebie Friday to help get your mailbox looking like this.

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