10 Fun and Frugal Uses for Vaseline

by - Thursday, October 28, 2010

My family has been using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly since before I was born. Now that I have a family of my own, I also keep this trusted product in our home. Like vinegar, Vaseline is a great product with a multitude of uses. Here are a few fun and frugal ways that my family likes to use this wonderful product.

  1. For dandruff relief. A little dab applied to the flaky areas of the scalp works wonders.
  2. A styling product. In a bind, Vaseline can be applied to hair to help control fly away strands and frizz. It's not flaky like gels either.
  3. As a cuticle softener. Since it is a great moisturizer, it will work great to softener rough cuticles. 
  4. As a lip gloss alternative. After outlining your lips with lip pencil instead of using gloss that can actually dry out your lips, use Vaseline. Your lips will be shiny and miosturized. 
  5. As a furniture polisher. Instead of using expensive (and harmful) polishers, we use a dab of Vaseline on a cloth and rub onto the wood furniture in our home. 
  6. To prevent hair treatment "bleeding." To keep at home hair treatments such as coloring and perms, I apply it around my hairline to keep the chemicals from reaching my skin, making professional results and "no proof" of a beauty enhancement.
  7. As a lubricant. For household fixes that requires a lubricant product trying rubbing a cotton swab with Vaseline to cure the squeaks.
  8. For CD and DVD scratches. For those of us that still use CD's, those scratches cause unwanted interuptions in song playback. Use a cotton swab with Vaseline to fill in the scratches on discs. This works on DVD's as well.
  9. As a tinted moisturizer. Just mix a dab of it with face powder and smooth over skin like lotion. You will have a moisturized face with a tint of color. This is great when you have forgotten your foundation at home and need a touch up.
  10. As a makeup remover. When you have applied a lip/eye/cheek color that you don't like use a cloth with a dab of vaseline on it to loosen the pigments on your skin. Wash the area and apply the color you want. 
As you can see there are a lot of ways to use Vaseline petroleum jelly. From household to haircare, there a way that Vaseline can help you not only solve a problem but save you money while doing it. You can see why I keep this product around at all times.

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