Thursday Thought: Deep Conversation

by - Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love having deep conversations with my husband. Though they often come after an argument, they always are so beneficial in strengthening our relationship. Deep conversations often help us to re-establish where we are and where we want to go in our marriage. It also helps us to learn things about each other that we may have forgotten or overlooked over the time we've been together. 
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Check out this article about deep conversations vs. small talk from the NY Times here. Pretty interesting study on this topic.

Daily deep conversations sounds nice but I don't think that will work for us. My goal is to try to have a weekly deep conversation, just something to help us vent out the week and make sure we're both on the page. This should help us to start the following week off right. What will we talk about? Anything and everything. How will we start the conversations? I don't know. Whatever seems right at the time.
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