10 Tips for Bringing Baby Home

by - Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The addition of a family member is a precious one. It can also be very hectic bringing your baby home if it is your first child. I was lucky enough to have family and friends around to help me with this transition. With all your new tasks comes precautions, so I wanted to share with you some of the tips that I learned when I brought my baby home.
  1. Have everything where you need it. Though it might be an eyesore to have diapers and wipes out where guests can see them, if having them in a particular spot will make your life easier, then put them there. The more prepared you are, the less stressed you will be and less likely to leave your child alone to get something.
  2. Do a safety check. Things that do not seem like hazards when your baby is a newborn will be when he or she is rolling over and crawling. Doing a safety check now will ensure that when your child reaches the mobility stages that your risks of injury will substantially less. Children will surprise you when they get into things that could be dangerous.
  3. Pre-wash everything. Having everything washed will help you to keep your peace of mind by having clean clothes already. Your first few weeks home will be stressful enough without having little clothes and blankets to wash right away.
  4. Completely clean your home before baby arrives. As a new mother, your strength and sanity is low. Having the house cleaned completely before baby arrives will make it easier to keep it clean. You can really disinfect without worrying about any chemicals harming the baby. Just enlist the help of family and friends to stop by daily the first few weeks to help you tidy up the home.
  5. Do a temperature check. Babies have a different body temperature than adults and as a result your home's thermostat must be changed in order to accommodate them. I recommend doing this early so your body can adjust to the temperature change. You do not want for you or your baby to get sick.
  6. Have a bottle drying rack or microwave sterilizer. By having these items you can greatly reduce the amount of germs your baby is exposed to. I washed mine frequently, but if you can not get to them right away a sterilizer will be best for your family.
  7. Never take your eye off of your baby. Babies grow fast and are natural born explorers. In order to keep your baby from harming themselves in your home, be sure to always keep an eye on them whether it is in the bathtub, on the changing table, or playing with toys.
  8. Prepare your pets. Pets can act unpredictable when bringing home a new baby. Introduce an item such as a blanket first. Always keep an eye on your pet's behavior towards your child and never leave them alone.
  9. Disinfect the changing table often. Your child will spend much of their day getting diaper changes. The best way to protect your child from bacteria and germs is to disinfect this area frequently.
  10. Take out those diapers. Diaper pails are great but they can hold serious germs and bacteria if not sterilized often. The easiest way to keep your family safer is to take out the diapers immediately after changing. This will involve frequent trips to the outside trashcan but is worth it.
Taking care when bringing home a baby is a must. I hope you have found these tips helpful. There are tons more available out there but these should get you started. Being prepared is the best way to keep your baby safe in their new world.

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