Still Need a Reason to Join Swag Bucks?

by - Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last week or the week before, had an amazing offer worth 2,000 SB - write a review of the new Here's what you had to do get the offer: A. Join a group B. Share with friends C. Write your review. D. Submit the review. So I joined Yaysave, waited for a group that was super inexpensive ($3.50 for a par of pearl earrings), shared the deal with twitter friends, carefully wrote out the review and posted to YaySave's discussion page on Facebook. And guess what? I just found an extra 2,000 SB in my account and verifies that it was from this offer. Here's proof of my award: Here's the screenshot! Still can't believe it... on Twitpic Great news! This amazing offer is still going on! You have until December 3rd to write the review. If you haven't joined yet, please use my referral link here. Get all of the details for this great offer at here. Just a note, if you were to redeem these SB's for $5 amazon giftcards (450 SB), it is the equivalent of $20 plus 100 SB extra for the next prize redemption!! Take care =)

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