Thursday Thought: The Art (or Curse) of Giving

by - Thursday, November 11, 2010

Custom Santa Suit, http://www.costumers.comImage via WikipediaI have a problem...I have to give. I try not to let a birthday or holiday go by without having a gift for everyone in our extended family. I used to think my husband was just being a scrooge until I realized that I actually have a problem. We took a personality type test to see what our major flaws were. I scored the Giver (the need to be needed.) I want to save the world, have a hard time saying no, have a need for others to tell me I'm okay, and can end up losing myself in taking care of others. 

Surprisingly enough, this test was very accurate. I have a disabled mother and younger brother. When my dad left, I felt the need to take care of them. I was the transportation, source of extra income, and Santa Claus at Christmas. I always made sure they were taken of before myself at least until we both got married (a few months apart.)

Common sense should tell me that its impossible given our financial situation but I keep telling my husband we have to get presents for everyone. He budged a little saying that we could get the moms, grandmoms, and babies something. He also told me I could NOT buy him anything for Christmas. My response "Can I earn your present?" He said yes and sure enough I'm waiting for it to come in the mail as we speak. I think freebies just add to my problem lol. anyways I currently have a present for my mom, hubby. little brother, cousin's newborn. So much more to get lol. One day I think I'll go for counseling. Doctor, I have a giving problem...

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