Book Review: "Unlocked" by Karen Kingsbury

by - Thursday, December 02, 2010

Two high school students are seemingly worlds apart. Ella is one of the popular girls, but also one of the nicest girls at Fulton high. Holden, on the other hand, is autistic and often laughed at by other students for his odd behavior. Ella feels a connection with Holden and befriends him despite his condition. She soon finds that they used to be best friends as young children and begins a search into what happened and how to help unlock Holden from his "private world" of autism.

This story is a very good read for anyone in their teens and above. Teens will appreciate how Ella changes for better and takes a stance against the bullying of Holden and others. She is a good role model for teen girls by showing how you can be nice to everyone despite what your friends may think, which is often a problem any Christian teens face. Parents will love the story because it touches the heart. The struggles of Holden's parents as well as others in the book are very relateable. The author shows how it is possible to keep faith in the most dire times and that you can come to Christ at any time in prayer for anything as Holden does. I appreciated the lifelike characters and biblical references that Kingsbury used in the book. They were not overwhelming at all. I learned  about autism and am interested in learning more as a result of reading about Holden. I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Disclosure: Zondervan provided me with a free copy of this book in order to complete this review. Opinions are 100% mine.

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