Thursday Thought: Thinking About Your Cashier

by - Thursday, December 02, 2010

This is supposed to be the best time of year. It is for most that are not lower lever workers in retail. Disgruntled customers, longer shifts, shoplifters are just the beginning of problems for cashiers and managers of your favorite store. As is that were not enough, here is the most troublesome thought lingering in the back of your cashiers mind as you checkout - the possibility of a robbery. Since the holiday season began the number of robberies has increased as it does every year.

This time of year brings back memories of when I was a cashier and our store was robbed at gunpoint. Very traumatic experience!! I'll spare us both the details. From my experience as a cashier, when you see a young cashier, these are the ones that don't have enough education to be put in a job that doesn't jeopardize their life. The older cashiers are those that have most likely hit a bump in their life somewhere along the way and have gotten comfortable in that job. It's not like they really want to be there but it pays the bills. 

Behind the checkout and all of the companies policies rhetoric is a real person with real problems beyond why the item rang up for more than the sign. This season I'm making sure that I'm patient with my cashiers, even {*deep breath*} the rude ones. {*sigh*}

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