#FrugalLifeFriday: How We Save Money on American Girl

by - Friday, April 22, 2016

Last year, Princess A became interested in American Girl dolls (ironically, it was when she beenI thought it would be nice to find her a doll that looks like her too. I had always thought that American Girl only had historical dolls, none of which had my daughter's beautiful curly hair, so I searched elsewhere. I eventually came across Chavonne who is part of the Journey Girls Collection at ToysRUs. At only $40, it was much more affordable and looks a lot like Princess A. She loved it.

This week, ToysRUs had a deal on Journey Girls for $20!! Princess A has money coming from consigning her toys at a children's sale (best spring cleaning incentive EVER!!). I figured this deal was too good to pass up and let her have her earnings now. She was beyond excited and now has a second doll. 

Funny thing is she still calls them American Girl dolls even though I've explained they are Journey Girls. Surprisingly, many of her friends also have similar 18 inch dolls from other store brands. 

For the most part we have stuck with the Journey Girls accessories but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the items of Amazon for 18 inch dolls. I have made a dress from a tank top. Not the prettiest but not too shabby for the first try. She loves it and wants a matching one for doll #2.

I was shocked at the price of ALL 18 inch doll furniture. We have taken to Pinterest for ideas and are pretty satisfied. It lets me get my creative juices flowing while making Princess A happy. So far we have a bathtub (made from a planter and aluminum foil), a wardrobe (made from the doll box), sofa (thrift repurpose) and beds. Our "house" is a repurposed part of her closetmaid cubby from last year. 

We have so many ideas pinned and can;t wait to get them done. Lots of summer crafts for us! Check out our Doll DIY board here.

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