#MomLifeMonday: Princess A, The Artist

by - Monday, May 02, 2016

This weekend was a special one for Princess A. Her art was featured at the school district's art festival. Back in February it was featured in the County Rodeo, but we never made it downtown to see it. 

Princess A dressed up and I did her hair pretty. We headed out to the high school with my camera in hand and a smile on her face. Parking was easy to find thanks to the fact that we were too lazy to get up and out when the festival started that morning. Allow me to introduce you to her painting, Mal the Ballerina Cow, named after her favorite character right now, Mal from Disney Descendants.

I asked her questions about her paining and to my surprise she actually gave me good details. First, she sketched it in pencil to make sure it was how she wanted it. Then she used black crayon to outline and keep the colors from bleeding. Finally she used water color paint and it was perfect. She did clam up from nervousness when others stopped by and asked her questions about her art. Oh, my sweet girl.

Can I confide in you that I cried inside while we were there? Just to think how fast, Princess A is growing. It will only be a few short years before she enters these halls FOR REALZ, and without me holding her hand. I managed to get her to take this photo for me.{Tissues, please!}

After, I {sniff} collected myself, we headed out to celebrate with our free Chick-fil-A cards (hers from being a good student, mine from the CFA Moms Panel.) I enjoyed my frosted coffee while she had a kids meal. Mine was super yummy! I can't wait to grab another one later today!!

We stopped by Target and I bought her a new pen set and notebook (her favorite reward) and then we store hopped for some thrifting. We came home with some new-to-us books and home decor items. Princess A said that it was the best day ever. 

I am so proud of her and can't wait until her birthday to give her the easel I painted for her. She will finally have something special  to make her art on. Check back Friday for the before and after photos of it!

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