What's Giving Me Life 1.25.19

by - Friday, January 25, 2019

Welcome to this new series!!

So what does "giving me life" mean? It's a phrase used to express that something or someone brings you positive energy, joy, excitement, etc. 

  • That jacket is (so cute that it's) giving me life!!
  • That speech (was so motivational that it) gave me life!
  • Michelle Obama (is just so amazing that she) gives me life!
Here are the things that gave me life this week:
Organizing - I found two items that really made a difference in my home organizing and spark joy (wink, Marie Kondo). The first is a 3-tier wire basket stand. I've been wanting something similar for quite some time, especially to organize our snacks. This one was perfect!! Purchased for $4!!

The second is a family calendar. I did not want a wall calendar at first, due to the fact that I always run out of room in the squares and everything gets jumbled. I saw a family calendar in ALDI and fell in love. Only $3 and it has room for my stuff, hubby's travel dates, and the kids' school events. Comes with a pen and holder.

Therapy - My second counseling session went well. I'm feeling better about it. I have been in counseling off and on for depression and anxiety. We went over what depression is and it's symptoms. It was a relief to see that most (if not all) of what I'm struggling with is related to depression. Hoping to get some great ways to manage it.

Our Anniversary - Wednesday was our 10th Wedding Anniversary!! We haven't been able to celebrate yet as hubby is out of town for work but just the fact that we can say "WE'VE MADE IT 10 YEARS!" fills me up. Looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.

Books - I started "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" by Sheila Walsh last week and Chapter 2 is just as amazing! It's no secret that I love her writing and message on mental health as a Christian. I am shaken by this new book. Easy to read and unpack, simple tools at the end of the chapters and full of grace and wisdom. The Kindle book is STILL on sale for under $1.50 on Amazon here (referral link.)

Exercise - I'm back to my usual Body Pump Class and Spin Class this week! I'm so sore, but the endorphins are worth it.

It's been a great week and I feel that I've done some great self-care for myself with these.
Let me know, what "gave you life" this week!

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