What's Giving Me Life - New Series

by - Friday, January 18, 2019

Welcome to this new series!! I'm sitting here reflecting on my week and thought this would make a great post series. A tangible record of the things I love each week and possibly a few resources or ideas for you.

So what does "giving me life" mean? It's a phrase used to express that something or someone brings you positive energy, joy, excitement, etc. 

  • That jacket is (so cute that it's) giving me life!!
  • That speech (was so motivational that it) gave me life!
  • Michelle Obama (is just so amazing that she) gives me life!
Kinda sassy, and cool.

Here are the things that gave me life this week:
Therapy - I started counseling (again) for my depression and anxiety. It's been about a year since my last visit with a therapist. I was surprised to find out that I actually have social anxiety. I thought I was just DEEPLY introverted. Appointments are weekly for the next few months. Let's see how it goes.

Podcasts - Listened to Jen Hatmaker's For the Love Series 13: Episodes 3 (Hillary McBride) and 4 (Jon Acuff). I love Jen Hatmaker for so many reasons and recently discovered her podcast last month. She is currently doing a series title For the Love of Good Change. With each episode she begins with a statement that I just find so true - that she's over the "New Year, New You" mantra - and so am I (AMEN, Sista!) These two episodes focused on grace for yourself regarding body image and perfection. So much wisdom and takeaways. Listen if you get the chance!

Books - I started "It's Okay Not to Be Okay" by Sheila Walsh. It's no secret that I love her writing and message on mental health as a Christian. I am shaken by this new book. Easy to read and unpack, simple tools at the end of the chapters and full of grace and wisdom. The Kindle book is currently on sale for under $2 on Amazon here (referral link.) There's a FREE online bible study starting this Monday, January 21st. Purchase the book and you'll receive extra goodies on her site here.

Exercise - I haven't been in about a month due to the Christmas break and recovering from that break (oh, my poor house.) Tried Pilates for the first time and feel great!

It's been a great week and I feel that I've done some great self-care for myself with these.
Let me know, what "gave you life" this week!

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